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How can the SP1 Help?

The SP1 has been developed to provide the public with an affordable tool enabling them to detect the levels of microsmog in their home, workplace and schools. Simple to use with an informative audio output, the SP1 will allow you to minimise your exposure by identifying "hotspots" and areas that ...

The cosmic microwave sound is a gentle hiss. The human species has evolved with this constant companion. If you can hear anything more than a gentle background hiss on the SP1, you will be hearing man-made microwave pollution that our biology has not adapted to.

People vary in their susceptibility. Some sensitive people, those whose bodies tend to have allergic reactions to the environment, will react to very low levels of audible microwaves. The louder the sound, more people are likely to be affected. The symptoms you experience will depend on what part of your body is most sensitive. Different people are likely to experience different health effects.

Remember, if you hear any man-made noise, you may be affected. The louder it is, the more likely you will be affected and the worse the symptoms may be.