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What is Microsmog

Welcome to the Microsmog.com website. It has been designed to explain the basics of microwave electrosmog (microsmog).

Microsmog is the term given to the background electromagnetic pollution created by sources of RF radiation of microwave frequency (~2.4 GHz). 50 years ago there were almost no man-made sources of microwave radiation, but these days we are totally saturated with them, from mobile phones, phone masts, microwave ovens Wireless networks and other wireless devices.

There is good evidence to suggest that this saturation is causing a number of adverse health effects in the human population, from headaches and sleep disruption to brain tumours and cancer.

The MW1 Electrosmog detector is designed to help you get to the source of this radiation in your home and workplace by acting as an audio microwave detector. It will detect all microwave pulsed emissions from objects in your home and convert them to a clearly audible noise. Click here for more information.